ReLDI-NormTagNER-sr 2.1

ReLDI-Norm­Tag­N­ER-sr 2.1 is a man­u­al­ly an­no­tat­ed cor­pus of Ser­bian tweets. It is meant as a gold-stan­dard train­ing and test­ing dataset for to­keni­sa­tion, sen­tence seg­men­ta­tion, word nor­mal­i­sa­tion, mor­phosyn­tac­tic tag­ging, lem­ma­ti­sa­tion, and named en­ti­ty recog­ni­tion of non-stan­dard Ser­bian. Each tweet is also an­no­tat­ed for its au­to­mat­i­cal­ly as­signed stan­dard­ness lev­els (T = tech­ni­cal stan­dard­ness, L = lin­guis­tic stan­dard­ness).

Niko­la Ljubešić, Tomaž Er­javec, Vuk Batanović, Maja Mil­iče­vić, Tan­ja Samardžić
For lo­cal use, a full-text ver­sion of the cor­pus can be down­loaded from the CLARIN.SI repos­i­to­ry.
The cor­pus con­struc­tion is (par­tial­ly) de­scribed in the fol­low­ing pa­per:
Mil­iče­vić, M. and N. Ljubešić (2016). Tvit­erasi, tvit­er­aši or twit­ter­aši? Pro­duc­ing and analysing a nor­malised dataset of Croa­t­ian and Ser­bian tweets. Slovenšči­na 2.0 4(2) link

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