Test battery for establishing attitudes towards Anglicisms in Serbian

Je­le­na Gru­bor

Con­tents and de­scrip­tion
1. (Ne­ol­o­gisms) An­gli­cisms in Ser­bian at­ti­tude scale
2. (Ne­ol­o­gism) An­gli­cism use eval­u­a­tion scale
3. Reg­istry of lex­i­cal pairs

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Gru­bor 2011 — Ba­ter­i­ja za ispi­ti­van­je stavo­va pre­ma an­gli­cizmi­ma u srp­skom jeziku

Gru­bor, Je­le­na (2011). Stav gov­orni­ka srp­skog jezi­ka pre­ma (ne­ol­o­gizmi­ma) an­gli­cizmi­ma u srp­skom jeziku. Prilozi prouča­van­ju jezi­ka 42: 65–79.

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Gru­bor, Je­le­na (2016). Ba­ter­i­ja testo­va za ispi­ti­van­je stavo­va pre­ma an­gli­cizmi­ma u srp­skom jeziku. The ReLDI — Re­gion­al Lin­guis­tic Data Ini­tia­tive plat­form. http://reldi.spur.uzh.ch/hr-sr/instrumenti-grubor2011/.

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